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TelAuthority, LLC is the industry authority for the sourcing, procurement and negotiation of true market leading telecom contracts. TelAuthority provides comprehensive solutions across the full spectrum of wireless and wireline services offered by global suppliers. We are a trusted advisor to Fortune 1000 companies to secure best-in-class pricing, robust contract provisions and service level agreements that define “market leading” as an industry standard.

Founded by two of the most acclaimed telecom industry icons, TelAuthority is a powerful ally for enterprises during these challenging economic times.   Over the past two decades, Pete Wilson and Bob Arnold have been key catalysts and pioneers in defining the way carriers sell and enterprises optimally procure their wireless and wireline services. It is vital that enterprises proactively engage every opportunity to reduce cost and manage their investments in telecommunication.  We empower enterprises to fully capitalize on significant opportunities to pare costs and enhance their utilization of telecommunication services.

At TelAuthority our sole focus is securing market leading contracts for our clients.  These contracts for wireline and wireless services are the foundation upon which all subsequent telecom expense management disciplines are built.  Without the foundation of a world-class contract, all other efforts to manage telecom will, by definition, be suboptimal.  Savvy enterprises are rebuilding their telecom foundations with the guidance and leadership of TelAuthority.  Our powerful team is poised to deliver results quickly to ensure enterprises maximize savings, potentially save jobs and avoid competitive disadvantages.  Many of our clients utilize savings to offset budget gaps, fund new projects and enhance network capabilities.

Learn how our unique and unmatched services can unlock hidden savings and enable procurement flexibility to achieve your most pressing goals.  We look forward to speaking with you.